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Message from President Josephine Libassi

Happy September and I hope the year is off to a great start!

I hope you have marked your calendars and are planning to attend our "Meet your NEW MITA Team" night at Don Quijote's in Miller Place on Friday, Sept 21st from 2:30 - 5:30 PM!!!  Please email me at to rsvp just for head-count purposes! The more the merrier! Come by after school, sure to be a fun time!  See more info below!

As Election Day approaches, we will need some help supporting the NYSUT-endorsed candidates.  These candidates were endorsed because of their positions on public education and organized labor.  NYSUT does not endorse based on party lines.  They made a strong statement this year by NOT endorsing candidates who did not support US with their votes in the Assembly and Senate in New York State and in Congress on the national level.  But, endorsing them is only the beginning.   An endorsement is useless unless we mobilize to get them elected.  That means a big presence at the polls and a big effort on the phones to ensure that our members turn out to VOTE. There is a lot at stake for teachers in this current climate of divisive partisanship and attacks on labor.  As demonstrated by the recent Janus decision, we have a lot to lose, collectively. So please, be willing to give 30 min or an hour to help make some calls in October!  

NYSUT endorsed candidate for U.S. Congress Perry Gershon visited with MITA retirees this week. MITA will be manning the phone banks on Monday, October 22 and Thursday, October 25th from 3 PM on at Middle Country's office in Selden for Perry and the other NYSUT Endorsed candidates.

We have a NEW Online Store for MITA fashions! Click here to check it out. This gives you a lot more choices and options if you want to show your Longwood and MITApride!  We still have our red "public education" T-shirts at no charge, please see a building rep if you need one!   

Gary and I will be starting to visit buildings next week, so if you see us in your teachers' area, please say Hi and let's have a coffee!   

The MITA office is open daily from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. If we can help with anything please give us a call!