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March is here and hopefully, Spring weather won't be far behind.  

We have connected with a provider for vaccines and are just waiting for the supply to be confirmed so that we can start scheduling.  If you have already gotten an appointment, please keep it, at least until we actually have dates.  I am in daily communication with the provider, so I will let everyone know as soon as there are dates. Depending on supply, we may be able to extend vaccines to ALL Longwood staff, and eligible family members. More info to come. Additionally, the county has been partnering up with districts and NYSUT to offer vaccines to some targeted groups, such as Special Ed teachers and teachers over 60. I anticipate more of this to come, as supplies become available, so watch your email for info.   

March 12, 2021 marks the one-year anniversary of all public schools being shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While life changed and we were faced with some adversity, we also learned a lot about ourselves and our community.

Teachers became mask-makers.

Students stepped up to donate masks and food supplies to front-line workers. Staff members worked to distribute meals to families in need on a daily basis. Parades were planned. Videos created. Our community stepped up in the face of a global pandemic. 

While we may have hit some bumps along the way, we will continue to get through these tough times together and work to keep our students' and teachers' safety a priority.

As a commemoration of one year from when COVID-19 closed our schools, please join us, and districts around Suffolk County, in wearing red on March 12 for RED FOR ED DAY, to show the strength and unity within our Longwood school community. We will continue to get through this together.

We are asking that EVERYONE wear RED on Friday, March 12. If you are in need of a red T-shirt (no charge) please let your building rep know ASAP. We can also order hoodies! If you would like to order, please fill out the order form and return to the MITA office with a check made out to the Middle Island Teachers' Association for $18.

If you take pictures, please send them to THANK YOU!