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Hello Everyone and Happy Teachers Appreciation Week!!  

I want to say thank you for your support in yesterday's election, and I am committed to moving forward positively and productively on behalf of all MITA members. Thank you all. 

Congratulations to our newly elected officers: 

Terry D'Andrea  1st VP

Christine Acevedo 2nd VP

Lauren Geisen Treasurer

Mike Hall  Secretary

We have so much more in common than that which can cause division.  Our strength is in our unity. Sometimes that is not easy to maintain; it requires compromise, empathy, and staying focused on the big picture.  I could not be more proud of all of our members. Even through the toughest times, we collectively get the job done, while also taking care of each other.  

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A Message From MITA 2nd VP Terry D'Andrea:

I am very proud to say that I am a member of the Middle Island Teachers Association. Our union has a rich history of member involvement and advocacy for labor issues and public education

While we share different views and opinions, our strength is when we stick together. I would encourage members to continue to ask questions. Let's continue to have those difficult conversations so that we can continue to move our organization forward.

With that said, Happy Teachers Appreciation Week. Thank you all for everything you do on a daily basis. MANY times it feels unappreciated or unnoticed. MITA appreciates and notices the great things that go on in classrooms everyday!

NYSUT is in the process of giving away gift cards if you are a member of their member benefits group (MAP). Click on the link and follow the directions to see if you have joined. If not, the directions are there. Hopefully we get someone from MITA to win something!!