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This year, more than ever, it is critical that we gather as much support as possible for the budget vote. Statewide it will be conducted by absentee (mail-in) ballot and that presents a few concerns.  


Our normal school budget vote sees approx 3,000-3,500 voters turn out between our four voting sites. This year, ballots will be going out to over 46,000 registered voters in the district.  Many of these folks probably do not have children attending school, and may have little to no knowledge of the district and/or how it functions. They may not be up to speed on educational issues and the expense that the district incurs as part of normal operations. Ballots will be sent with return postage paid envelopes, so it will be very convenient for folks to vote.  


If you live in the Longwood District, it will be critical for you to return your ballot, and please advocate to friends, neighbors, and anyone that you can speak to about the importance of this budget passing.  The state aid situation going forward is uncertain at best.  We will continue to advocate for our share and need your help with that as well.  


In regards to school board elections, they will be on the same ballot. So far we have received endorsements from Three Village and Riverhead.  If you live in the Three Village or the Riverhead District please consider that their teachers union is supporting these three candidates. We will provide more endorsements from surrounding districts once they become available.


The Three Village Teachers Association is asking for your support in the upcoming budget and board election vote. 


Inger Germano

Irenen Gische

Jeff Kerman


The Riverhead Central Faculty Association is asking for your support in the upcoming budget and board election vote. We need your assistance in reaching Riverhead who are members of your local.


Christopher Dorr

Virginia Healy

Therese Zuhoski

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