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A Message from President Josephine Libassi

Starting this week, Thursday, March 16th, and every 3rd Thursday of each month going forward, it's time for Coffee Talk with me, your MITA President.  Do you have a concern or question, (or anything at all) that you would like to talk about? I do not get to be out in your buildings as much as I would like to but I would love to be able to speak with you and more importantly, hear from you, whether you have questions or just something you'd like to talk about!  So, I am designating the 3rd Thursday of each month as Coffee Talk Thursday. Come by the MITA office after school whenever it is convenient and let's talk.  I will supply the coffee, you can supply the talk... No schedule, and no sign-ups, just come over. (This being said, I know you all realize that you can call me and set up a meeting ANYTIME if you would like to come talk about anything at all.)

I just thought a standing open invite was in order so please come by...  Don't leave me lonely with my coffee on Thursday!