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Hi Everyone,

Just a few things to share from NYSUT today as well as the Nassau / Suffolk list of endorsed candidates for Tuesday's BOE elections and budget vote.

The MITA Board of Trustees has not endorsed any candidates this year.

For those who live within the Longwood district, please get out to vote and support the budget!

Changes are coming to our MITA website, stay tuned for some new features in addition to what you can already find there, copies of all MITA newsletters that have been emailed out since Fall 2018, I believe there are 94 of them there with this being the 95th.


The NYS Assembly this week passed the bill to suspend - for another year - the APPR process. The bill had previously passed the NYS Senate and will now move to the governor's desk. NYSUT was able to successfully lobby for this bill through its Member Action Center.

Correct the Tests

NYSUT has posted a new online survey regarding the grade 3-8 ELA and math tests. Please click on the links to respond. In addition, members can share their stories regarding the NYS tests at NYSUT's

BOE Endorsements

Please see the attached flyer for NYSUT's Nassau and Suffolk School Board Candidate Endorsements.

Please get out and vote YES to support the Budget on Tuesday, May 17th, 2022.

MITA has not endorsed candidates for the Board of Education.