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Hi Everyone!

It is insurance time of year, please see the information below from Terry D'Andrea for all the information you need about insurance going into 2022.

Also, I wanted to share that our member, Laura DeNapoli, teacher at CEW, has some exciting things going on.  Her niece, Bella, has made it to the next round of the TV show, The Voice.  She will now need as many votes as possible after each performance.  

The Voice

Insurance Deadlines
As we continue to head into the holiday season, here are some important dates to take note of:

1) 2022 NYSHIP Open Enrollment ----> DEADLINE - December 3, NO LATER THAN 3:30 p.m.  Please click HERE for FAQ.

2) 2022 Declination of Health Insurance ----> DEADLINE - December 3, NO LATER THAT 3:30 p.m.  Please click HERE for FAQ.

3) AFLAC Open Enrollment ------> DEADLINE - December 17, 2021. Please click on the following link to access information about enrollment: Be on the lookout for upcoming information for meeting dates to enroll.
4) The district has not yet received the Flex IRS limits for 2022. Forms will come out once that info is received.