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Hello All and Happy Thanksgiving! This has surely been the most challenging start to a school year that any of us has ever faced. While I know that it has been a daunting task to work in this whole new arena, and I understand the frustrations that exist due to so many variables that affect us in our daily work, I want to just remind all of you that you are doing an absolutely amazing job, and deserve so much credit and thanks for what you do each day on behalf of your students.

There have been so many conversations over these past 3 months about our concerns, fears, questions and speculations. I am sure there will be more going forward.  From the MITA Executive Board and myself, we are here for you. We continue to engage with the district and BOE and stay as involved as we possibly can be. Sometimes we are not able to make every change we'd like to see, or have input into a decision that we wish we could impact.  But, we continue to work through these unusual times advocating, sometimes behind the scenes, for conditions and protocols that support our membership. We will get through this, one day at a time.

Please be safe over the Thanksgiving holiday.


Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Everyone!