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As we start our holiday weekend, it is appropriate on Labor Day to reflect on what our roles are as teachers.  We are part of a unique group of "Labor." We share some common interests with our trade union brothers and sisters, while we also appreciate that our role as educators makes us central to our communities in ways that even the most civic-minded private-sector unions are not.


I say this not to cast any shade in their direction, of course, but rather to remind each and every one of you as MITA Members that there is a responsibility that accompanies our roles as educators.  Our Longwood families, parents, and the entire community look at us as leaders in this community.  They recognize how important we are in the lives of their children. Parents measure their child's success by our words and feedback.  This is a responsibility that as teachers, we take very seriously.


When we comment about our students, our schools, the community listens to us as credible reporters of information.  If we are active on social media platforms, they take note of our pictures, our posts, our comments, groups we associate with, and of course, anything we mention about our roles as teachers or our schools. They do not make distinctions between our "personal" posts and our roles. This is both "a blessing and a curse," so to speak. It is easy to feel that we are held to a higher standard than someone in another profession because guess what?  We are. And, just as we help our students and community cope with daily challenges, they look to us to provide guidance in the current global challenges that Covid has presented.


So as we start a new school year, and get ready to enjoy our Labor Day weekend, remember, moving forward, teachers are central to our recovery as a community, a state, and a nation. We are important and we have a major impact on those we serve in our community.  Most importantly, the children.  For us, that is the purpose of our labor. Enjoy the long weekend!