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Hello Everyone! As we approach Labor Day Weekend, I hope you are all able to get some much-deserved down-time after our Conference Days and in anticipation of our first days with students starting next week.

It goes without saying that there are going to be challenging days ahead. Because so much of what we are facing is unprecedented, there are not enough established protocols or practices to rely on to guide us through every eventuality. But, remember this:

  • No one expects us to be perfect.
  • No one has all the answers.
  • No one is looking to find fault with what we are doing.
  • Everyone has their own way of managing anxiety.
  • Everyone has their own set of uncertainties about their classes/ schedule/ students' needs.
  • Everyone is trying their best to get through this. 

I am confident that if we make a sincere effort to manage this to the best of our ability, by keeping it as simple as possible for ourselves, our students and their parents, we are going to get through this successfully.

Keep that in mind as you're creating and posting schedules for your classes. Keep it simple and within the boundaries of what you are comfortable with, and what you are confident that you can manage. You can always add / supplement / amend as you go!

We're going to get through this together!

Please communicate with your MITA Building Representatives, as they are meeting with principals and can address building concerns, such as schedules, including Wednesdays, PPE, cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer, other classroom maintenance issues etc.


OFFICE@MIDDLEISLANDTEACHERS.ORG and MITA office hours will be Mon - Fri 8:30 - 4:30. If you need anything please call the office. (631) 698-9100


One day at a time. We're going to get through it!