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Hello and Happy Summer Everyone! I hope you are enjoying your summer so far and making the most of it!

I want to share some news about the Fall 2019 Payroll schedule with you. We return to work on Friday, August 30th.

As you may have noticed, our first check will be issued on Friday, September 20th. MITA has proposed the possibility of a half-check which could be issued on Friday September 6th, (as has been done in the past when the calendar was similar to the 2019-20 year), but to date, the district has not been receptive.  Half-checks have been issued routinely in the past, but as of now Dr. Lonergan has not agreed to do one for this fall. MITA believes that the district is obliged to negotiate this with us based on a 2006 resolution, however, the payroll schedule in its current form is in compliance contractually. So, in the absence of an agreement, I want to make sure that we are all prepared to return to school and have the time to plan accordingly with the understanding that our first check will be on Friday Sept 20.   

With that, please know that we are continuing to discuss the possibility of a half-check as has been done in the past.

I will communicate if anything changes!