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Hello Everyone and Happy October.

I know that this back-to-school season has been the most stressful that any of us have had to encounter as teachers, and I am so proud of ALL of our membership for making it happen for our students. I want to remind you all to please take time to take care of yourselves.  Simplify where you can. No one should be working into the night or through the weekend. You are not obligated to respond to students and parents outside of your school day! Call the MITA office if we can help, or you feel like the time demands are too much, and you are not getting support in your buildings from your administrators.

The state has NOT waived the APPR for this year, so observations will be starting soon.

There have been no changes to our APPR, so it should proceed as usual. Please let us know if anything unusual takes place, or if you have any concerns about a specific observation.

It is election season so we have some NYSUT endorsements to share, as well as some information about Vote Cope. When we think about Vote Cope, it is important to remember that NYSUT lobbies for and endorses candidates based on their support of two issues: Public Education and Labor.  As public school teachers, these issues are pivotal to our livelihoods and financial stability. Understandably, there may be times when a NYSUT-endorsed candidate may not be your personal choice. Your vote is your own when you go to the polls, but it is important to understand the process and why NYSUT supports who they do.

Back In August, there was a series of meetings where the NYSUT Board of Directors and local presidents reviewed the local political races and the candidates, both incumbents and challengers. Their records were reviewed and discussed. In at least one case, a candidate that had been endorsed by NYSUT in their last election, was NOT endorsed again due to the person's lack of support once they were in office.  SO, it is a process that is very thorough. Any progress that NYSUT makes for us collectively (Revisions to APPR, Defeat of the Constitutional Convention, Minimal impact from the Janus decision) is via Vote Cope and the ability to support political campaigns and agendas.

NYSUT has put together a voter guide with information about their endorsed candidates as well as how to vote this year (ie. in person, early, by mail). You can access the voters guide by clicking here.

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