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Hello All and Happy Friday!

As you may know our CSEA colleagues are negotiating their contract right now with the district.  When I spoke to a few of their members, they indicated that they were out there because it was "taking too long." While that's frustrating, I was not really clear on what they wanted to accomplish. After speaking with their unit president today, it appears they have basically reached an impasse. This means talks have broken down and no progress is being made. They came out at the last board meeting just to rally for continuing talks, and in support of a fair contract to meet in the middle or find some common ground. They will be assembled again, at the next board meeting on April 22nd and are looking for support.

If you're available, here is the information. It will be outdoors at the Visitor's Entrance at the HS.  CSEA pres Bobby Duvall has expressed his appreciation for our support and pledged support for MITA as well since we are also preparing for negotiations.