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There is nothing more critical than vigilance and early detection when the topic is cancer. Early detection saves lives. If you are overdue for a Mammogram schedule one today. Longwood provides a half day for such a screening, and AFLAC pays a $75 benefit as well. So there are 2 incentives to go! But the most important incentive is to do it and stay on schedule each year for yourself.  I'm speaking from experience. Early detection made the difference for me. We all know how important it is, yet I have colleagues who acknowledge they have never had a mammogram or they're way past due for one.  

Make the call today and get it scheduled. 

Take this pledge today!

ABC 7 offers this 6 step pledge:

  • PREVENTION: Ask my doctor what steps I can take that could reduce my risk of breast cancer.
  • LEARNING: Arm myself with knowledge about my own risks.
  • EXAMINATION: With my doctor, find out when I should get screened for breast cancer, and how often.
  • DENSITY: Have a conversation with my doctor to see if I have "dense" breasts, and which screening approach is right for me.
  • GENETICS: Discuss with my doctor my family history -- both mom's and dad's side -- of breast cancer, to see what it might mean for my level of risk.
  • EDUCATE Once I've put these steps into action, "pay it forward" by encouraging friends and family to do it as well.