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Fall is here and with it comes everyone's favorite season, Insurance Enrollment Time! As you receive information from the district about Open Enrollment, The Insurance Declination sell-back, the Flex Plan, and Aflac, please take note of deadlines.

Always confirm receipt of your paperwork. Interoffice mail is fine provided you have allowed time for it to arrive and confirm receipt. It is advisable to keep a copy of whatever you submit. It is not a viable option if the deadline is close, since there is no way to track your submission, or prove when it was sent. 

If I may take a moment to preach about AFLAC, I just want to be sure that all MITA members are aware of the truly outstanding benefit we have in our AFLAC plans.  The plans pay cash directly to the insured, and are additional to whatever other medical insurance you have. They pay quickly, and the claims process can be done 100% online and could not be simpler. Please look into it with an AFLAC representative when they are in your buildings throughout the next month, and if you have any questions, contact Terry at and/or come over to MITA on Nov 21st to meet with AFLAC reps in person.   

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