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A Message from President Josephine Libassi

The MITA / Longwood Take a Look at Teaching NYSUT grant is in full swing, and you will be hearing about some of the activities and plans that are taking place throughout the district.  

Participation is optional but please reach out to your principal or call over to the MITA office if you would like to get involved!  It has been a tough time for our profession in recent years and it saddens me when I think about the growing teacher shortages and potential detrimental effects on us collectively as fewer college -age students are pursuing teaching careers.  Take a Look at Teaching provides for our students to learn about the process of being an educator and experience some real classroom experience, including shadowing our elementary teachers in their classrooms. a TALAT club has been formed at the HS to help promote and organize all interested students. 


Thank you and a big Shout Out to MITA 2nd VP Christine Acevedo and all of the MITA members who gave some of their time at the phone banks last Wednesday to make calls for pro education and labor candidates for the upcoming November 8th Election Day. This was the first time that we conducted phone banks at the MITA office. In the past we would join up with Middle Country and use their office, but utilizing new software and Chromebooks provided by NYSUT enabled us to host it here.  Thank you to all who participated!!! 

Marie Kozlowsky, Patti Nicholson, Emese Szivak, Herman Rohan, Lori Thompson, Victor Massian, Megan Mannetta, Amy Pilles, Alison Grady, Kevin Edwards, Alicia Grimaldi, Alison Heeb, Lia Maniaci, Jean Bailey, Barbara Graniello, Lauren Sherlock, Rosemary Ott, Lori Tufaro, Tiffany Baar, Colette Grosso, Nicole Rios, Alyssa Browning, Danielle Greene, Stacy Salti, Carrie Kessinger, Taylor Boyle, Rob Vallette, Steve Basar, Kathleen Thornton, Gina DeSimone, Kristina Fanelli, Sharray Grant, Jennifer Reilly, Taneill Davis, Kristen Freriks, Michelle Herbst.

Your time was very much appreciated!!  

Election Day is Tuesday Nov. 8th!!


Early voting has already begun and will continue through this weekend. You can also vote at your normal polling location on Tuesday from 6 AM until 9 PM. While voting is your choice, NYSUT has provided a list of candidates that they have worked with and interviewed who they believe are the best choices for public education. This list includes some Republicans and some Democrats, because our endorsement is not about party, but about protecting public education. Please make your voice heard and vote.